Wikileaks’ Julian Assange, Missing, Dead, Jailed or Alive? New Information Surfaces Via Audio, Is it Him?


By Lisa Haven

Rumors of Wikileaks’ Julian Assange have been flowing since October as to his whereabouts, and if he is dead, alive or has been jailed. Many people have been demanding video of his appearance but Wikileaks has yet to comply claiming that his internet feed was still cut. As a result, on November 26th, an audio recording of Mr. Assange, has surfaced in Beirut, but many are left questioning if the audio is legit. All that and more in this report…

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2 replies

  1. Hi Lisa,
    Just wanted to give you a quick thank you for all you do. I believe everyone has a small piece to play in this world. When we all do what we are called to do, things can change.
    I am a Canadian and I am praying that God could give us a movement politically here. The Liberals keep getting in and no one I have talked to has voted for them. I certainly have suspicisions of voter fraud here,,( they give us pencils to vote in!)
    Do you know if we have any good people here, like yourself? Ready to stand up and speak the truth? I have looked online but sadly nothing comes up.
    Our news here has been censored so long no one questions it. Canadians are not fighters, no one fights back and they think if the news says it then it must be right!
    If you watch toronto’s city line news you will be sickened,,,their news reporting is so filled with their liberal opinion agenda. They try to make people think that everyone wants to be gay, and if you are white youowe the world. Their news is all their opinion.
    Well you take care
    Thank you for standing up , my family loves what you do
    In Christ’s love


  2. There needs to be an outpouring of demand to know of Assange’s safety. The powers that be think that they (Illuminati MF and Clinton/Bush Crime Syndicate) can kill off people at will such as Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and George Carlan, to name 3 of many, many people. There needs to be an official accounting of his whereabouts!! Can’t you find out, Lisa?



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