You’re Being Bamboozled: A “FAKE” War Was Waged and The Establishment Wants It Kept Quite! But Not For Long!


By Lisa Haven

Ever get the gut feeling that you are being bamboozled by those in places of power? If you have, then you are 100% correct in that feeling because those in places of power are doing everything they can to keep you under their grips of power. They do this through brainwashing, manipulation, and painting truthers as the enemy. Anyhow exposing their corruption has an automatic target on their back.

In the video below Radio Show Host and CEO of Life Change Tea, Ronnie McMullen, exposes his battle with corruption and how you are being bamboozled into believe lies. We delve into the election, the fake news war, and tactics the elite are using to lead you astray. All that and more in this exclusive report…

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  1. “Quite”

    Lisa my dear girl change that to Quiet.


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