I Can’t Title This Post Because It Will Be BANNED—Crucial Report…


By Lisa Haven

By now you have all heard about Pizzagate, the dubbed ‘conspiracy theory’ that higher-up elites like the Clintons and Podesta brothers are involved in a child sex-trafficking ring linked with Comet Ping Pong and Pizza, one of Hillary Clintons favored pizza places. Theories have risen due to the fact that explicit artwork and child images have surfaced on the pizza establishments websites and because Wikileaks Podesta file emails contained ‘code-words’ that could be used on pedofile networks.

I believe there might be an alternative agenda to this whole pizzagate considering both the “fake news” narrative and pizzagate came our around the same time. All that and more in this report below…

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  1. Few people fail to understand the power that pedophiles have at the upper levels of our society. You can blame this on so called secret societies, among them the Satanic network. Satanists really do murder children during their ceremonies, especially the more important ones. To accomplish this they seek, and find government and big business members as a way to mask and protect their actions. These people rely heavily on worldwide intelligence outfits. Members of these cults involve police, congressmen, intelligence operatives, bankers, Hollywood stars and movie producers. The most famous case that emerged from Hollywood was the case of Corey Haim. Sadly for Corey, his rape experience crippled his soul and his downward spiral due to drug use helped kill him. Sadly, there are those who admitted who the assailant was but due to his power and protection from the ring he will most likely never see the light of a courtroom.


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