Eerie 1981 Prophecy Unfolds! “When Castro Dies This Will Happen In America…”


By Lisa Haven

A vision was reportedly given by the Lord to John W. Johnston in 1981 that predicts that after the death of Fidel Castro the economy will come crashing down. He reports:

“When you see that the Berlin wall comes down and when you see the Soviet Union take a severe blow then it makes a recovery, and then you see the death of Fidel Castro; then shall come the collapse of the economic system of the United States.”

The Berlin wall came crashing down on November 9th, 1989 and the Soviet Union was officially dissolved on December 31, 1991, and now the governments function independently. But the question is, when was the report written and are there other events that Mr. Johnston has rightly predicted? All that and more in this report…

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2 replies

  1. This is totally 100% going to happen … whether quickly or slowly … it not the factor. But the truth is pertinent to everyone.
    Thank you for sharing! You are a gifted & talented & faithful servant of our Lord & Christ. (please take into consideration … you dear Lisa do not have to look so made up to compete in the world venue … you are totally beautiful & full of light without so much makeup … it begins to look to fake & I know that is what you want to stay away from too … just saying out of love & respect for you!)


  2. This situation is seen in Zach. 5:1 A flying scroll is a legal action that in this case is so massive 10X20 cubits by content. The scroll circles the entire earth. The second vision shows a woman a type of a church part of this situation as in an open and shut case. To understand this Laodicea was a compromised *Banking Community* That likely was also dealing with gold. Being exposed as top of basket removed. Is the same as vomited out.The deeds and actions made public. It is a smaller group of unknown people reflective of a larger one. Being lukewarm (as cold or hot is seen desired) means undesired by all as on a hot day.and toxic.


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