It’s Not Over, It’s Only Just Begun: Riots, Assassination, Anti-Global Movement and Putins BIG Announcement


By Lisa Haven

It’s not over until every scum bag corrupted socialist minded politician is either behind bars or removed from office. That is the only way we will fully win our country back. Donald Trump was step one in getting back to our foundational principles, step two will be when he kicks everyone out of office who is selling out American values for tyranny… at least it is my hope he does this. If not they will all need to be voted out.

At this point, a lot of news is surfacing with the announcement that seems to have “shocked the world” that Donald Trump is now president. Vladimir Putin and Nigel Farage have stepped on the scene as well as thousands of rioters and protestors taking to the streets. What it all means and more in the video below…

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3 replies

  1. They want “oneness” with everyone but us! Someday soon the Alien (Jesus!) will remove (rapture) all the trouble-makers (saints), and they will have their way… For 3.5 years anyway.
    BTW, it’s Pooh-tin like Winnie, not Pew-tin like church pew.
    I love your site!!! I only wished we were neighbors 🙂 .


  2. I agree 100% with EVERYthing that you said here, it’s kinda’ nice to here. I loved watching your pets play behind you. GOD Bless


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