Clinton Insider Leaks What’s Going Down on Election Day—Will Go Viral!


By Lisa Haven

Tick Tock! In just a matter of HOURS Donald Trump will take on Hillary Clinton for the epic fight over America. Either the people will vote in freedom fighter Donald Trump, or the election will be rigged and tyranny will once again burden the land if Hillary Clinton takes the white thrown seat in Washington D.C.

We are living in a critical turning point in American history, and the question is will we survive?

In the video below, Clinton insider, Larry Nichols, reveals the real games FBI’s James Comey is involved in and just what might play out in tomorrows election. All that and more below…

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5 replies

  1. NATO puts troops on ‘high alert’ in readiness for a confrontation with Russia

    Could care less what some old “Clinton insider” has to say! Start covering real news!


    • Reports have been coming in on Twitter claiming that people are getting “alerts” on their mobile devices from the FEMA Integrated Public Alert Warning System, or “IPAWS”. Some are saying their mobile devices are “freezing up” after getting a series of these alerts. Apparently, this FEMA “test alert” was inadvertently broadcast to U.S. Cellular customers during an upgrade. Yeah, sure, right. Make sure you’ve got your mobile device with you so that militarized law enforcement, err, I mean FEMA can “ping” it in order to pinpoint your exact location in an “emergency” so that it can target you, err, I mean deliver to you all the latest “breaking news” and “alerts”! Oh, and by the way, did I mention how airborne aircraft can broadcast signals to put information directly into your mind, by passing your normal senses? No? How inconsiderate of me! You don’t suppose that if they fly over a certain area and broadcast specific signals they can cause people act the way I want them to, now, do you? Yeah, right, sure. You’re either stupid about these technologies, or you’re playing stupid! Which is it?


  2. Which group will be more likely to respond with violence if their candidate loses?

    Trump supporters, or Clinton supporters?

    This is a poll being taken on Twitter right now!


  3. Truth is, this whole theatre on this election is a Zionist psy-op so get neocon christians to get out and revolt when Hillary (whom been investigated and tried many times for corruption and repeatedly spoken of by Trump in all instances) when it is announced that she is the new president, these 2nd amendment supporters who want justice will rise up and take justice in their own hands. Just that UN troopes and fema camps are there for the purge of Christian radicals whom will rise for the occasion!!!

    Brace yourselves!!!


  4. Am overwhelmed by the corruption right out in plain sight now! Just completely overwhelmed! The world is far more evil than I previously imagined! Am going to stop commenting on your website, which will probably make you real happy. Am going to watch and wait. The end of the age approaches. No further comments are necessary!


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