Look What The FBI and Huma Abedin Just Did To Hillary Clinton! She Will Be Forever Haunted!


By Lisa Haven

After one of Hillary Clintons most trusted advisors, Huma Abedin, agreed to work with the FBI in regards to Clintons new emails found on her husbands, Anthony Weiners server, the relationship between the ‘rumored lesbian love couple’ has begun to diminish and Clinton has been left in the dark.

Abedin was a no-show on Mondays campaign trail and didn’t travel with Clinton over the weekend to Florida. However, despite Abedin’s stepping off the campaign trail, her emails remained front and center in the ongoing Clinton investigation.

Now, in a bizarre twist of fates, not only has Huma Abedin turned on Clinton but also the FBI is now re-probing emails that could indict Clinton for good. Coincidently, with Abedin’s bombshell, the FBI also did something few expected would happen before the election, and that is release Clintons full testimony on line for all eyes to see.

Is the fact that Abedin and FBI are releasing bombshell just a “coincidence” or is their something deeper being unveiled? You might be surprised!! All that and more in the report below…

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7 replies

  1. 2 days ago the FBI said that they would not charge the hildabeast



  2. Hillary isn’t going to be charged with jack! She’s completely supported by the Wall Street crowd in NYC! She was educated at Yale Law School and Yale University, home of the not so secret society that worships and serves Lucifer, known as Skull and Bones! Hillary and Trump attended the Alfred A. Smith Foundation Memorial “humanitarian” dinner right after their last phone debate! All the phony Christian’s and antichristian secular humanists and humanitarians were at that dinner! Trump is not an “outsider”, he’s part of the “club”, and you’ve all been fooled AGAIN!


  3. Hey, any one buying in on the “Hillary Clinton Rally” on Wall Street today? Next News Network Gary Franchi says CNN is “done” and Wolf Blitzer’s career is “over”? What a load of B.S.! You can stop telling lies now Gary!


  4. Another video put out by someone named Wayne Levi Price recently is claiming that the US military has been told to “Stand Down” because Hillary is going to be president? Huh? What? This is a total lie! US/NATO are massing forces all along the Russian borders! NATO has on standby emergency alert 300,000 reserves! All kinds of military equipment, troops, and supplies have been stationed in Europe and in the Baltic States! US/NATO troops are now fighting right along side Ukrainian Army forces in Ukraine! US/NATO troops are fighting with Iraqi forces against the Syrian Army! Turkey is massing their forces along their border with Iraq, and have attacked targets in Iraq and Syria for at least the last month! Stop telling lies!


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