October Will End With a BANG! Wikileaks Email Discloses Aliens Linked To Vatican!—Billy Crone Tells All


By Lisa Haven

Sound to “strange” to be true? We have proof! Contained in the Pedestal email files that were leaked by Julian Assange’s, Wikileaks, were hidden a set of emails from Edgar Mitchell, the 6th man to walk on the moon, to John Podesta, evidence that they are getting updates from the Vatican about their awareness of extraterrestrial life, UFO’s.

In the video below famous author, pastor, and speaker, Billy Crone reveals his dealings with UFO’s and alien life. Additionally, he delves into how October will end with a Satanic BANG and how Hillary is involved. 

All that and more in this exclusive report…

Deception In the Desert Conference in Las Vegas

(First 20 people to sign up for the conference get a NEWLY RELEASED autographed book By Billy Crone): http://www.deceptioninthedesert.com/


Billy Crone Youtube- https://www.youtube.com/user/NFBCmedia

Billy Crones Website- http://www.getalifemedia.com/

Wikileaks Podesta Email- https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/1766

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  1. Shapeshifter Reptilians in Vatican and European royal (Blue Blood) families.


  2. He’s going to have a conference in Sin City? What’s wrong with this picture? That the Vatican is involved in the deception is well established, however, there are “many” who pretend to be the shepherd’s of the sheep who’re involved in the deception as well. Wolves in sheep’s clothing! Jesus warned of them!


  3. The tower of babel. During the years of the great utopian world of the babalon realm there was a princess called the harkonen princess of the realm. She bore an alien weapon a sword like a light saber and for all purposes she was the vader of their day. Her assistant was a woman named sheba. Sheba was dear to the marcurians or harkonnens as they were called or arkadians or atreedes. The author of dune knew a marcurian and wrote his novels. The princess harkonen was a marcurian female and was from their planet. It was she as the darth vader of their day who had the plans for the tower of babel. It was an alien work mixing with men to give men the power of the gods. Honestly if the tower would have been finished men would have exactly had the power of the gods slightly. Inside the tower was a robot andriod who looked like a man called the setter. He was from the marcurians planet. He it was who set each stone and only he. Ever did the tower rise until the day God appeared and destroyed the language everyone used and the great war of confusion began. During the great war the babalonian realm ended. Sheba died fighting for the marcurians in the top of the tower being the only earth woman to ever been gifted a weapon from the marcurians. The numerous factions wanted the huge crystal in the top and the shards hoping to excell themselves the power of the tower one day. At the last door the harkonnen princess held fast. They could not best her sword of power and her weapon dispelled all arrows too. So they starved her until at the last she said to them i will never allow you to have what most you want i take it myself…my life. There she killed herself. They discovered nothing of her for all vanished. Nothing remained and the tower was utterly empty and destroyed. Some went here or there but a group of around thirty thousand went to where egypt is today for they were the first. At that time four great ships arrived with atlantius ra isis and anubis. There they did the ritual and created the first pharoh and the royal bloodlines controlling the world muchly today. The first pharohs name was ra, his son, do ra. Nu was the third pharoh. Somewhere in minnesota there is a woman living. It is the harkonnen princess of the babalonian realm. She is after all an alien. The leader of the entire planet of the marcurians is a female alien named sheba. This is not the earth girl sheba. The earth girl sheba died in the tower of babel. But she carried with her the name the marcurians had given her and now it is apparent why they called her sheba. The alien leader of marcurion is named sheba also and has a place in Iowa where she has been living small and hidden. The marcurians are going to bring an alien tower called babel three to china where the first tower was never completed. Planet nibiru has powerful aliens in the know who are helping the marcurians complete this endeavor. Elton john and charlie sheen are both famous and are also aliens from nibiru. They both are captains of spaceships hidden currently behind the moon and are going to be instrumental in helping. It is a sure bet that both of them know everything. Since they are both captains of powerful nibiru spaceships.


  4. machine learning ai artificial intelligence

    Image of the beast!


  5. The technology to FOOL human beings is at a very, very, high level! As it was written long ago, the deception is great!


  6. Putin is chairing the “Council for Interethnic Relations” today, October 31, 2016, in Astrakhan, in Russia. Humanitarians, like Putin, believe that man’s obligations are limited to, and dependent alone on, man and human relations. They believe that man’s nature is perfectible through his own efforts, WITHOUT DIVINE GRACE OR AID!


  7. What if “they” used this holographic projection technology to fake the return of Christ?



  1. October Will End With a BANG! Wikileaks Email Discloses Aliens Linked To Vatican!—Billy Crone Tells All — Lisa Haven News | An Alchemist's Journey....

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