Pentagon Responds to Russia’s 40 Million Man Drill By Dropping Fake Nukes & General Warns Of Endgame


By Lisa Haven

Tensions with Russia are rising as Russia has been official blamed for the DNC hacks via a press release memo put out by the US Office of the Director of National Intelligence. To add fuel to the fire, the US Army Chief of Staff, Mark Milley, has just announced that a leading Russian official has declared that all other countries are “dispensable” including America and that we have arrived at the “endgame”.

Could we be looking at a war with another nuclear superpower and what is the ultimate endgame? All that and more in this CRUCIAL report…

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  1. The Pentagon has long been associated with the pentagram, one of the most powerful and evil symbols used in casting spells and exercising occult powers. In Masonic tradition the pentagram was called the “Blazing Star”, and was an image used in Ancient Egypt to represent the son of Isis, the Sun, Horus, Satan, or Lucifer, who is called the “Day Star” in the Holy Bible. The name of this “Blazing Star” is “Wormwood”. Wormwood is the name of the Blazing Star spoken of in the Revelation to John, chapter 8, verse 11, RSV, 1952. In historic terms, this Blazing Star called Wormwood is known as the “King of Babylon”, or “Satan”, or “Lucifer” who is prophesied to lead the Gentiles in the destruction of Israel. From the psychological aspect, this Blazing Star, or Wormwood, symbolizes “perversion of the procreative drive”, and a poison that pollutes the “springs” and “waters”. Might want to do some soul searching, right now!



  1. Pentagon Responds to Russia’s 40 Million Man Drill By Dropping Fake Nukes & General Warns Of Endgame – The EagleStar Flash

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