US Air Force Makes UFO Alien Flying Saucer! Pictures, Schematics, Proof Included In This Secret Document, Project 1794


By Lisa Haven

If you don’t believe that aliens have visited us before or that the US government has developed alien-grade technology, then you are in for a real wake-up call when you see these declassified documents from the National Archives.

A government document titled, “Project 1794, Final Development Summary Report” from 1956 reveals that the United States Air Force had conducted intense research and aimed to construct a supersonic flying saucer alien space craft.

According to the company that began its construction (which was outsourced to Canada) it was meant to be a vertical takeoff and landing craft that could reach speeds about 2,600 mph and a ceiling of over 100,000 feet.

Here are just a few (of many) of the images continued in the declassified files:

For More Information See:

The Black Vault

US AirForce





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  1. Lisa them UFO Drawings all that stuff was made back in the late 30’s from Nazi Germany
    after 1945 the Nazi scientists got Asylum in the USA operation paperclip


    • Nazi scientists have created lots of things. Thomas J. Watson was the founder, and first CEO, of IBM and worked for the Nazi’s and Adolf Hitler prior to and during WW2. He created the computer punch card system to keep track of the slave labor working in the work camps all over Germany, which were later known as death or concentration camps. He received the “Medal of Service” from Hitler and those of the Fatherland, the Third Reich. The artificial intelligence system called WATSON, which is being featured in ads on TV all the time now, is named after Thomas J. Watson! The influence of evil mad scientific psychopaths like this, and the way they think, thousands of whom were granted asylum in the USA as part of “Operation Paperclip”, have been heavily involved in creating the scientific and technological innovations of the past, and of this “SYSTEM” which we’re using to communicate on right now. The Fourth Reich is here.


  2. PS Lisa you are doing a great job keep up the good work…


  3. Great post Lisa. The military has many versions of this AG craft. Some are even being used to surveylence citizens as seen on some footage youtube videos out of the Albany airport in NY. Specifically named TR3B, this is the craft that is commonly seen at night hovering around, following certain targets. Look it up folks, it’s for real.


  4. Oh and by the way, the last episode of X files showed what looked exactly like a TR3B at the very end of the episode. It was the only episode of X files I’ve watched by accident since I rarely watch TV. It was amazing the stuff they through right in our face on that episode like Chemtrails, vaccines, culling the population, what the elite are doing, etc.


  5. And while you play softball, the “boys in the back” are playing hardball. The evil mad scientific psychopaths continue their quest to create the technologies to manipulate humanity into enslaving their bodies, minds, and souls in sacrifice and service to an AI that is Lucifer’s vessel, yet all you do is throw softballs?


  6. See UFO: End-Time Delusion by Dr. David Allen Lewis. Also see how Kabbala literature promotes UFOs (and recent photos of UFOs over the Safed Kabbala Center). Very convincing excuse to replace the Rapture! That is, the New Age excuse that Christians are affecting the very ethers in the sky and are of the Age of Pices, removed to make way for the Age of Aquarius. Also see The Armageddon Script by Lemesurier. North of Cold Lake, Alberta, is an underground facility for making crystals to power these UFOs. Remember: Just as every nation needs one major internal threat and one external threat for cohesion, the globalist one-word govt. needs the internal threat of the “environment” and the external threat of “UFOs” for a cohesive world govt.


  7. If Aliens did come here, they were Canadians who were working for Avro Canada. They actually did build an aicraft that was shaped like a flying saucer, and got it off the ground. The may have been able to keep it in the air long enough to cross the border.


  8. these could very well have been what i and my father witnessed high up in the sky among and above the clouds over hartford michigan way back in the late 50s or early 60s?!!! the display of silver discs caught the attention of a large crowd of onlookers standing in front of the local downtown bank!!! (



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