NASA’s Revolutionary Discovery Hastens Pope To Ignite His “Alien Welcome Party” As He Prepares For the New World Order!


By Lisa Haven

Back in June NASA made a stunning announcement that they have discovered an “earth-like” planet that they named Kepler 452b and they believe it may be home to intelligent life. With this new announcement the Vatican has reared their ugly head once again and have themselves announced that the church is readying and preparing to welcome alien life into the “Christian” faith—though it’s not my Christian faith to which he refers. Considering they already divulged their plans to baptize “aliens”, could they be preparing for something headed our way? Not to mention the fact that recently the Pope proclaimed his readiness to usher in the New World Order!

Here is the breaking report:



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Daily Mail:

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New World Order:


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  1. Yes, the liberal Jesuits have been concerned about aliens for some time. Pope Francis is a liberal Jesuit. As the UN includes in their definition of marriage the uniting of two aliens, Pope Francis will feel right at home there in September….


  2. Reblogged this on culturalgenocide and commented:
    The liberal Jesuit is towing the line of liberal Jesuits on aliens. Pope Francis will feel right at home in September at the United Nations. The UN includes in its definition of marriage the uniting of two aliens. In the final analysis, this is for the advancement of the deceptive New World Order. At this point, it would be good to read The Jesuits by Malachi Martin, my old research colleague. And his book The Keys of This Blood. Both books illustrate what has led up to this….


  3. Its like a script from the X Files


  4. The battle at Armegeddon will see the “good aliens” versus the “bad aliens”.
    The “good” aliens will be demonic forces plus the Beast kingdom led by the antichrist-religious elite. The “bad” aliens will be Messiah Yeshua returning to Jerusalem with the armies of Heaven.
    Such is the evil delusion that continues to develop strength. The Lake of Fire awaits the Beast kingdom leaders. The Book of Revelation is clear and simple. -Gary Bertnick


    • You are SPOT ON Gary! How refreshing to hear someone who is actually informed of Spiritual reality. Thanks for the post! wayne broadstone from Tennis Sea


  5. Lisa- not sure if you’ll receive this email – want to pass on info from a retired CIA friend of mine.
    1. About 3 months ago he told me a scientist friend at NASA( my friend was CIA, but before that was a scientist with Black Ops- 3 PhD degrees in science) contacted him about an incoming asteroid that will hit earth about Sept. 20th this year. About the same time as financial collapse is predicted, Pope visits the USA for what is said to be a NWO announcement, the 7th cycle of 7’s, Pastor Lindsey Williams told me that the elite’s had told him on Sept 15th the NWO will start their end-game plans. This asteroid will hit the planet between Florida and the island of P. Rico. Expect a 900″
    High tidal wave to go out in a circle- wiping out massive amounts of land all over the Atlantic Ocean. All island in the Caribbean will be gone, gulf coast and east coast will be gone up to 50 miles inland.
    This asteroid was pulled out of orbit but Planet X(Nibiru) which will be coming in early 2016.- I have more on this?
    2. That NASA had tracked a fleet of UFO’s several weeks ago coming into our solar system. They are reported to be on the backside of the moon right now- info from our base on the backside of the moon. They reason they are there is unknown- though my CIA friend made a guess. These craft are reported to be 20 miles in diameter-each. I have my own thoughts on these?
    If you get this and are interested- email me back or call 864-940-4138.

    I’m reminded of this – What Dr. Carol Rosen said in the video attached here The elite’s would fake a UFO invasion?


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